soaking it in

the sun has returned to seattle!  (at least for a bit — the forecast is iffy for the next week. but it does NOT include 14″ of snow, so we’re doing better than some states in the recent past.)  last weekend, we spent a very large number of hours sitting outside on our picnic blanket. in the spring-fresh air and the sun, it’s one of my favorite places to be.

even though josephine has recently discovered physical force as a way of indicating her displeasure with something, she is, mostly, a delightful blanket companion.  we’ve enjoyed several picnics, both as a threesome and with friends, at the lake.

the three of us took in the windermere cup last saturday — possibly the most laid-back spectator sport ever.  the windermere cup is a series of crew races through the montlake cut (the waterway that connects lake union and lake washington and runs just south of the university of washington).  the races are spaced so there’s long minutes of nothingness in between the end of one race and the start of the next. and this year was particularly uneventful as there were maybe two races that had anything that could be remotely described as a close finish.  most races more resembled a crew boat parade.  oh, look, a crew boat …  and there’s another …  oh, and another … is there one more?  yep…  there it is… uh, go! race!  the crowd is vast and supportive and the UW band was playing across the cut.  and the sun was out.  really, do you need anything else?




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  • Carrie Says:

    I LOVE the picture of Ned and Joey, and the one of you snuggling Jo before her surgery. So sweet!!