for the love of fred

josephine doesn’t get to watch much tv or many movies but she, like any warm-blooded preschooler, is crazy for screen time.  so when we need her to sit still, putting her in front of a movie or show gets the job done. after her hernia surgery, we had a big pile of movies from the library but her favorite thing to watch was mr. roger’s neighborhood.*  tonight, her head had a run-in with a wall and she had an instant goose egg on her forehead. cue the mr. rogers and the ice packs.

watching episodes with her is like taking an express train back to my childhood. i remember the words to the songs and the (now admittedly rather strange) puppets.  when he swings open his front door and says, “come along,” and waves his arm towards the wide world, you know you’re in for a mellow, calm, peaceful adventure. i love the way he speaks to children, like they’re actual people, and i like how he trusts them with big feelings and sometimes complicated issues. i especially like it when josephine answers, aloud, the questions he earnestly asks.

there are more reasons to love fred rogers in this article. and, if anyone needs any more proof of his sheer wonderfulness, there’s this video of him breakdancing with a young friend.


*fellow parents and mr. rogers fans: although the PBS kids website only features animated series on its main page, there are dozens of mr. rogers episodes hiding at

3 Responses to “for the love of fred”

  • Allison Says:

    I had the same reminiscent feelings when I re-watched it with Eli for the first time — both that Mr. Rogers is amazing, and the puppets are a little weird. (Btw, episodes from 1979-2001 are available online for Amazon Prime members).

    It’s a cool new phase of parenting when your kids start to enjoy things that you can remember liking as a kid.

  • meg Says:

    this makes me have warm fuzzies all over.

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i love mister rogers. i remember when a friend of ours was at a conference in Pittsburgh (remember kevin williams, oma?). mister rogers was the key note speaker. kevin stated that he has never been in such a silent concentrated audience. he said you could have heard a pin drop. everyone was listening. xoxogma.