last day

josephine was extremely excited that today was her last! day! of! school!  i don’t know what thrilling things she thought were going to happen at school, but she popped out of bed at a way-too-early hour and was bouncing off the walls.  each year, my mom took my siblings and i out for breakfast on our last day of school, so that’s where josephine and i headed.  i think the photos speak volumes about her enthusiasm for the day.

i loved having the chance to tell her how proud i’ve been of her, going to school all by herself, and how brave i think she is.  we reminisced about her first day of school, when it was so hard to be away from me.  and laughed at how easy it is now.  i think i’m more nostalgic about the year of school ending than she is.  partly because, selfishly, i’m losing my two mornings a week of non-kid time.  and also because my baby! she’s growing up!

just for fun, here’s a look at her first day of school, way back in september, when she was just three.  not three-and-three-quarters.

hello, summer. looking forward to knowing you.

3 Responses to “last day”

  • meg Says:

    i love this. and it makes me wish i could take em out for her last day of school tomorrow… maybe i should re-arrange my calendar so i can. glad it was a wonderful morning, and that there was time for a bit of reflection in there too. you do such a good job with miss josephine.

  • Allison Says:

    She is such a beautiful girl. And that is such a cute skirt she has on (says the mom with two boys, wistfully).

  • Erika Says:

    how’d she get so big? C’s last day of daycare/school is tomorrow. he’s been there since he was 4 months old and it’s crazy to imagine a whole new world where he’s home. thankfully i’ll have help and then Actual PreSchool will begin on Aug 12. they are brave, aren’t they? sigh. our wee people.