he *is* quite smart

The scene: A stall in a public bathroom.

Josephine, out of nowhere: The pipes are like the intestines in the bathroom for poop and pee. And then the pee goes into the Puget Sound. … Where does the poop go?

Me: The poop goes to a place where they take it out of the water. I’m not sure where the poopy sludge goes. We can ask Dada. [employing classic stalling technique]

Josephine: Yeah, he knows all about bodies because that’s his job.

[Note: Ned is a social worker. Not a doctor or a sanitation engineer.]

2 Responses to “he *is* quite smart”

  • meg Says:

    i can’t even begin to say how much i loved reading this. ah. the mysteries of poop and what daddies do when not at home.

  • Erika Says:

    this made me laugh really, really hard. Papas are geniuses in all things…