here, then there, then a bit to the left

other than minnesota, we’re not wandering too incredibly far from home this summer.  but we do have some trips planned.  tomorrow, we’re venturing south to the crater lake area of oregon for a family reunion (and, reportedly, a reunion of mosquitoes. not so excited about that aspect of the trip. wait until you see how we’ve been preparing for that.).  later this summer, we’ll spend some time on the olympic peninsula, in a yurt on an island, and relaxing with friends in olympia.  and then there’s all that fun to be had right here in town.

last weekend, we were in lilliwaup.  where’s that place with the funny name, you ask?  it’s pretty close to heaven (and the hood canal).

IMG_5815 (800x534)

we were greeted by our friends megan, (big) joey and emilee with a huge pot of fresh-from-the-crab-pots crab and the visit just got better from there.

IMG_5798 (800x533)

IMG_5807 (533x800)

IMG_5842 (800x533)

IMG_5847 (800x533)

IMG_5855 (800x533)

IMG_5858 (800x533)

IMG_5871 (800x533)

IMG_5880 (533x800)

IMG_5903 (800x533)

IMG_5918 (533x800)

IMG_5925 (800x533)

IMG_5927 (800x533)

IMG_5942 (534x800)

IMG_5946 (800x533)

(i should have taken a picture of my feet up and a book on my lap, as i spent a good amount of time sitting like that on the deck.)

that hike was josephine’s first walking-the-whole-way-on-her-own hike!  she made it 1.6 miles with a bit of whining and a lot of cajoling. but she made it!  note the two thumbs up in the photo of the three of us.

and then, on the way home, this:

IMG_5961 (800x533)

trip bonus! on our way to lilliwaup, we got to meet up with these cuties:

IMG_5763 (800x533)

IMG_5731 (533x800)

IMG_5745 (800x533)

IMG_5777 (800x533)

IMG_5778 (533x800)

i think this is about as far as i can stretch my blogging-as-procrastination-from-packing time. til next week…

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