meeting minnesota

we’ve been in minnesota for five days and josephine and i have been outside for about 15 minutes total, including a walk that shrunk from a long wander around town to a quick scurry around the block.  it’s very cold here–sub-zero windchills–and even the locals are acknowledging that they live in a frozen tundra. it’s supposed to warm up in the next few days (you know, into the 20s) and we’ll get our cabin-feverish selves outside. in the meantime, luckily, there’s plenty to do inside.

my smarty-pants sister graduated from college last week; the main reason we came home so early in the month.


josephine is very proud.



after the excitement of graduation, we settled into some more low-key activities.  josephine took her first bath in a sink.


my mom, josephine and i went to a fabric sale at a studio perched on a bluff over the mississippi.  i drooled over the colors and saw my dream sewing machine station.  josephine took a nice nap in the moby.



while waiting for the weather to warm up, josephine has been spending lots of time working on her hand-eye coordination.  my sister’s been teaching her how to grab. she’s getting to be quite the expert.  video to follow.



i’ve been enjoying little snippets of quiet time while my family does an excellent job of entertaining the baby.  today, i looked through stacks of old photos (while eating my billionth christmas cookie), trying to find pictures of myself as a three-month-old in an attempt to determine whether or not josephine looks at all like me.  conclusion: she looks like ned.  shocking.


ned joins us here on saturday and i’m glad our little family will be reunited.  i look forward to enjoying josephine anew through the eyes of a dad who hasn’t seen his baby for over a week.  (and, let’s be honest, i’ll be glad to have yet another person to hand off a poopy-diapered kid to…)

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