things josephine has recently carried around with her for the day

:: a printed out picture of the dragon from one of her favorite books, my father’s dragon.

:: a photo of a cat, from a pad of notepaper, tucked inside a small metal tin.

:: a fish-shaped blue bead.

:: a tiny bird-shaped eraser.

:: a unicorn i drew and josephine cut out of a piece of paper with sequins taped on it and a person made out of a small foam rocket with a taped-on pom-pom head.

:: 14 bitty pictures of a cat face, wrapped in a green cloth and tucked inside a mini-ziplock, tucked inside a little pink coin purse.

:: a strawberry-shaped button, wrapped in a packet of blue painter tape.

:: a stuffed cat lying on a small metal tray that came with her tea set.


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