port and peninsula

we spent the week in a lovely vacation house in port angeles with delightful friends, traveling to points high, north and west. matt, allison, eli and jesse used to live in seattle and now live in chicago and we miss them terribly, so the chance to explore the olympic peninsula with them felt like quite the gift. we appreciate the effort they put into getting here and are already dreaming of our next joint vacation.

after taking the ferry over from seattle and settling in to our house, we spent a day at hurricane ridge, trying to inspire josephine and eli to climb to the top of hurricane hill. a bit before the summit, josephine’s whine to forward motion ratio became unacceptably out of balance and we put her in the backpack. eli made it to the top and was very proud of himself. (i was a little proud of myself, too, truth be told. and it’s not a big hike.)

IMG_6379 (800x533)

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the next day, we boarded a big ferry very early in the morning and sailed into international waters. we docked in victoria on vancouver island (canada, for those of you who are not geography buffs) and, eschewing the pricey tourist activities, walked to a beautiful park and pet some goats at the children’s farm there. priceless. then we waited an hour (one! hour!) for some really delicious fish and chips and fish tacos. (one has to wonder, just as one has to wonder about a tree falling in a forest with nobody around, whether the food would have tasted as good had we not waited an hour.)

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we arrived back at the port angeles house to find even more friends had arrived. friends from california (who we visited back in 2010 when josephine was a little peanut and their daughter, sophie, was but a bump on her mama’s midsection) were in town for a wedding and joined us for the night. (the other) eli, a precocious and lively 6-year-old, regaled us with stories and looked a little confused about why we all took such delight in learning that his three best friends are named burley, sage and jagger. oh, californians.

could there be a cuter front step full of blondies?

IMG_6595 (800x520)

IMG_6585 (800x532)

the next day found us at (gray and damp) rialto beach. (this was the same beach we camped near last summer. we’d be happy to go there every year. heck, every day. it’s a good beach.) IMG_6598 (800x518)

IMG_6620 (800x533)

IMG_6665 (800x518)

IMG_6657 (800x530)

all good vacations must come to an end. we came back to seattle by way of bainbridge island and a stroll through the delightful bloedel reserve.

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one last bit of fun before our friends headed back to chicago: the spray park! it’s sad. i don’t think any of the kids had any fun at all. and we grown-ups certainly got no enjoyment watching them.

IMG_6857 (800x533)

IMG_6802 (800x533)

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IMG_6828 (533x800)

so long, friends. til our next vacation. (and, in case you need MORE photos, well, there are some.)

2 Responses to “port and peninsula”

  • Allison Says:

    I love all of these pictures. I am impressed at how consistently well-lit they all are. I still have a lot to learn. And, oh yeah, thanks again for the awesome week. 🙂

  • oma Says:

    does it make you feel better to know that a lot of them are not straight out of the camera? i did some tweaks and adjustments while i was sorting and re-sizing. that helps a lot with the well-lit thing. 🙂