benefits of a small town

the phone rang at my parents’ house the other day and it was the town’s assistant post-master, an old family friend.  she told my dad that a package had arrived at the town post office that looked like this:


hoping to find some clue as to who this package was for, the post office staff opened it up and inside found presents and a card addressed simply to “ned, oma and josephine.”


there was no address and no last name anywhere. the assistant post-master knew my parents had a daughter named oma so she called to find out if this might be for me.  it was. this never could have happened in seattle.

(we’ll let the folks who mailed us a package without any identifying information remain just as unidentified.)

2 Responses to “benefits of a small town”

  • Farah Says:

    Oma, How long will you be in Red Wing? We’re thinking of coming up close to New Year’s Eve… I would LOVE to see you, Ned, and, of course of course, Josephine.

  • Meg Says:

    Isn’t it great?
    I mean, celebrity status can be a bit … well … much. But still! Talk about service! 🙂