the faces of swim lessons

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and my personal favorite:

IMG_7031 (800x533)

a few notes:
:: please notice how, even though josephine had been in the pool for 30 minutes in the last picture, most of her head has remained miraculously dry.
:: she spent the first day of lessons sobbing for me, the second day smiling and wanting to go swimming again in the evening. i asked why she was so upset on monday and so totally fine on tuesday and she said that our friend anne told her that “crying” and “trying” rhyme, so maybe she could do more trying and less crying. if she’s motivated by rhymes, i can work with that.
:: sitting poolside in the sunshine (and knowing that such warm days are numbered) makes me want to move to southern california.
:: her two good friends meera and emilee are taking lessons at the same time and we are both so happy for the good companionship.

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