recent garden harvests

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IMG_7840 (800x533)

we drove to the garden in a torrential downpour yesterday to get that big tomato. i didn’t want to miss it. josephine and i ate the ends off it today and saved the middle for ned. it was/is delicious. it was the first non-cherry tomato we’ve harvested. the top photo (tomatoes, chard, kale, parsley and marjoram) was a haul from last week.

any and all successes we have had in our garden must be solely attributed not to any green thumbs on our part but to the six verdantly green thumbs collectively owned by jami, ann, and dylan, our gracious and attentive garden hosts. they gave us a small corner of their garden plot and they are the ones to actually go to the garden to water and sometimes even let us know when something of ours is ready to harvest. we then pull up in our own sweet time, nod approvingly at our plants and pillage. (conversely, any failures have been completely and entirely our fault.)

the garden was intended to show josephine the marvel of growing things from seeds and tiny little starts. i’m not sure she’s fully taken it in, but i am awestruck each and every time i go by the miracle of it all. that a big, hot pink tomato can grow from what was a spindly little plant. that a row of seedlings suddenly becomes a crop of carrots. and that you can pick it and bring it home and feed yourself dinner.

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