the last of the summer travels

as labor day marks the unofficial end of summer, i’m hailing this past weekend’s trip as our last trip of the summer. phew! we spent six weekends out of town this summer and, while i wouldn’t have given up any of them, i’ve decided that six weekends away is a few weekends away too many. and now we’re thinking we should squeeze one more camping trip in before the rain hits in earnest…  we’ll see.

we last went to guemes three years ago, and it’s been too long. this weekend, we went with our friends, a family of five with a daughter josephine’s age and two boys bookending her. they played so well together and gave the adults not exactly leisurely kid-free time, but a bit less time attending to moment-by-moment needs. as we have in the past, we stayed in a yurt. although josephine was needing a nap and very grumpy when we arrived (“i HATE yurts! let’s go home! i don’t want to stay here!”), she was much more enthused about the housing situation and location when she woke up. we went out kayaking both mornings and ended the days on the beach. our friend dove for crabs, the kids imagined monsters in the woods, some first steps were taken, the slugs were everywhere.

the drama of the weekend happened when josephine got stung by a bee (or a wasp — there’s debate) just as we were about to go for a hike. apparently it hurt. the whole of guemes island probably knows that my daughter was stung by a bee. after she screamed for half an hour in the car, we decided that our make-shift ice pack of a container of hummus — hippie first aid! — was not cutting it and we bagged the hike and headed back to the yurt. we dosed her with tylenol, put her finger on some actual ice, and made a sludge of baking soda and water. when the screaming continued (and i was finally feeling like i could relax about the possibility of her throat closing up), i was bemoaning the lack of a really good distraction. then suddenly i remembered — i had uploaded sesame street podcasts, video podcasts, on to the ipod for just such an occasion. so we plugged her in, coated her hand in goo, and she sat quietly for a good 20 minutes. it wasn’t until six hours later — broken up only by the blessed screen time and a brief nap — that she finally was calm. calm? no. actually, she became manically happy. exhibit A:

IMG_8011 (800x533)

it was a strange day. but we were in a pretty place and with good friends, so all’s well that ends well.  i think we’ll be back there someday.

IMG_7862 (800x533)

IMG_7883 (800x533)

IMG_7891 (800x533)

IMG_7973 (800x533)

IMG_7897 (800x533)

IMG_7905 (800x501)

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  • auntie mae Says:

    hi, can you come document my life, please? you are so amazing at catching moments on film… er… digital images.
    you got skillz, yo.