celebrating four, part one

josephine turned four on thursday. four. her birthday started off with a bang, literally, as thunder and lightning boomed/flashed over seattle. morning swim lessons were canceled so we headed downtown to the science center. our friends put us on their membership, so we waltzed through the doors for free and headed to the IMAX for josephine’s first big-screen movie experience. perhaps a 3-D movie on a six-story tall IMAX screen was a little over-the-top, but she did very well with the sensory overload. the movie was about monarch butterflies and at one point, after reaching out her hands to try and snatch the butterflies that appeared to be flying right in front of us, she pulled her glasses down and told me she was going to watch without glasses for a while to stop her from being “selfish” and taking all the butterflies from the other people in the theater.

IMG_8104 (533x800)

IMG_8133 (800x533)

we explored a bit of the science center after the movie (the corner mirror was her favorite part) and then went to the toy store where i announced that she got to pick out a new cat. my original plan was to have already gone to the store and picked out a cat for her and wrapped it up. but the pre-birthday trip to the store never happened and this way of doing things ended up being really exciting for her. she’s in love with her new cat who is either named lavender or butterfly.

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after a nice birthday nap, during which i finished sewing a dragon, she packed up her new backpack (are you sensing a cat theme? wait until you see the birthday party.) with some new things and we went out for pho — vietnamese noodle soup (her request). and then home for a little cupcake/candle action.

IMG_8238 (533x800)

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we’ve been talking about her birthday for, oh, about the last six months and i wonder if josephine’s going through a bit of the same let-down that brides feel after their wedding. she was in an awful mood yesterday. i was convinced she was getting sick and that we’d have to cancel her birthday party. but she woke up this morning chipper and chanting: “today is a special day! today is a special day!”

to be continued…

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