christmas is canceled

a few years ago, a nasty stomach virus was wreaking havoc on the citizens of minnesota.  one by one, throughout christmas week, my family members fell victim.  ned and i were spending the holiday with his family in kansas, thank goodness, so we missed out on the fun.  when i called home christmas morning to say hi, i heard the sad news: christmas had been canceled.  or, more accurately (and less melodramatically), the family gathering my parents host each year had been canceled so as to spare healthy folks from the germs.

this year, everyone is healthy.  but the snow!  oh, the snow!  it snowed just a few inches last night but many more are expected this evening, throughout the night, and all day tomorrow.  my parents’ town is forecasted to get between a foot and 22 inches of snow.


one by one, extended family members — most of whom live at least an hour’s drive away — have called to say they won’t be making the trip tomorrow.  and there’s freezing rain at my aunt and uncle’s where we spend christmas eve each year.  so, yet again, christmas is canceled.  we’re still going to do some cooking and baking and eat well.  and enjoy a smaller family gathering.  we switched from a saturday flight to one on sunday so that we will be more likely to make it back to seattle by monday.  and maybe we’ll throw the baby in a snowbank…

stay tuned for photos.

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