the grandma weekend

my mom came to visit a few weekends ago. we’d all been excited about this visit for a long time and it did not disappoint. mom and i had two mornings together while josephine was at school; we filled them with bakery treats, a fabric store visit, a long goodwill shopping adventure and lunch. josephine and grandma had time on their own which they filled with a walk around the lake, lots of game-playing, the enjoying of a cat cookie and book-reading. ned and i had time together which will be discussed in another post. all four of us ate a great dinner at our favorite restaurant which is closing next week (sob!). and mom, josephine and i went to the fair. it was all so full of love and laughs and good food and happiness. why on earth is minnesota so far from washington?

cats on roller-skates at dinner:

IMG_8809 (800x533)

the rain came down hard:

IMG_8797 (800x533)

some fun at archie mcphee (or “the crazy, silly store,” as josephine calls it):

IMG_8943 (533x800)

IMG_8939 (533x800)

and the two cutest ladies i know:

IMG_8931 (800x533)

scenes from the fair…

the rabbit with dumbo ears:

IMG_8823 (800x533)

mutton bustin’ (we didn’t approve, but we couldn’t stop watching.) (that’s a small child on the back of the running sheep.):

IMG_8863 (800x507)

five-day-old piglets:

IMG_8859 (533x800)

IMG_8851 (800x533)

josephine and a very large horse:

IMG_8845 (492x800)

we liked watching the roller coasters, but decided we weren’t brave enough to go on:

IMG_8836 (800x533)

IMG_8834 (800x533)

this poor sheep:

IMG_8826 (800x533)

pig parade:

IMG_8820 (800x533)

sheep bath (and tail):

IMG_8818 (533x800)

pony ride! (the highlight of the fair):

IMGP7162 (532x800)

IMGP7136 (800x532)


IMG_8889 (800x533)

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