a post without josephine

my mom’s gift to ned and i for our birthdays and our anniversary was a day and night away. it was, in short, amazing. ned indulged my bringing the camera along and i took pictures all day and not one of them was of a short, blonde-haired preschooler. we started the day with a hike to lake twentytwo. it was drizzling and foggy at the trailhead; miraculous sunbeams-through-fog half-way up; and bright, warm sun at the lake. it will never cease to amaze this minnesota girl that you can walk several miles up hill and arrive at a lake.

after the hike, we headed downtown to check in to our hotel. a friend of a friend got us a screamin’ deal and, when we arrived, we found we not only had a very good deal, we also had a suite. we’re more yurt and tent people than suite people, but we managed to appreciate our surroundings. we cleaned up and went out to a movie. (two thumbs up from both of us.) going to a movie sounds pedestrian, but it was noteworthy for us.

we had reservations at a very nice restaurant for an hour after the movie ended but we stopped in early and they had a table for two just sitting there, seemingly waiting for us. the food was amazing and we so enjoyed just sitting and eating and talking for two hours. after dinner, we strolled down the street and bought a lottery ticket — something we never do — and played the numbers of the years we were celebrating that night: 12 years together, 10 years in seattle, 7 years married, 36 years of life, and 4 years of josephine.*

the whole day, everything kept working out for us. we finished the hike when we had wanted to, found parking spots right in front of the places we were going, our suite had a map on the ceiling, the table was ready for us when we wanted it…  i kept waiting for something bad to happen, for our car to be broken into or my mom to call with some emergency at home. but it didn’t. and finally i realized: maybe we’ve done our time. maybe this was our reward.

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*we won $10!

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