oh. hi. we’re still here.

wow. it’s been a LONG time since i last posted. i knew it had been a while, but i didn’t think it had been almost four weeks. i’m sure you’ve been stopping by regularly and wondering what on earth we’ve been doing with our time.  well, friends, we’ve been attempting to buy a house. that’s what we’ve been doing. it’s been a whirlwind, to say the least. i’m comforted greatly by the fact that everyone i know who owns a home says, “oh! buying a house is a terrible, stressful process!” or something to that effect. misery loves company. it’s not all misery, though. but a bit. and some stress. and second-guessing. and nerves! i just couldn’t sustain the level of nervous energy i had in the early days of the home-buying process. for the sole purpose of self preservation, i’ve become much more of a cool cucumber about it all. (i had some very tear-filled days a few weeks back. like, post-partum teary. glad that’s done.)

we’ve been living in our building for ten years. TEN. that’s nearly a third of our lives. it boggles the mind. there are things we love about this place and things we don’t love. but we’ve put up with it all because we’ve been managing the building and paying some extremely minimal rent. well, the gig is up. four weeks ago, our landlord let us know that she’s not going to have resident managers in her buildings anymore. we were going to have to pay full rent like normal people. that weekend, i saw a listing for a house and the pictures made my heart flutter a bit. the open house was the next day. i was about to go by myself, but at the last minute asked ned if he wanted to go, too. so we all went. it was the first and only house we looked at. a week and a half later, we were writing up an offer letter with our new real estate agent. and now we’re finalizing negotiations after the inspection, getting ready to watch a new roof get put on the house. the house that’s almost ours. please cross your fingers for us. it’s such a good, sweet home.

josephine is excited to move. she told us today that she’s so tired with what she sees around here.

it’s funny. the whole process hasn’t actually required that many hours of our lives, but i’m finding it to be so all-consuming. it’s on my mind all the time and it’s our main topic of conversation. and it’s the reason i’m so behind in blogging. to hold myself accountable, i will report on the following topics in the next few weeks:

:: ned’s parents’ visit

:: the pumpkin patch

:: a summer flashback

:: my weekend in the desert

IMG_9451 (533x800)

hey! look! it’s the almost-ours fireplace!


4 Responses to “oh. hi. we’re still here.”

  • meg Says:

    i can’t wait until we get to say hidy ho neighbors!

  • Erika Says:

    it’s so close, close, close! and it’s so marvelous! (I think you should make them throw in those vases on the mantle too–just to play hardball, you cool cucumber.)

  • Aunt Jann Says:

    We’re SO excited for all of you! Has Josephine chosen her bedroom? Will she still go to the same school? Let us know (all us blog followers!) when the big day is finally here. Only house you looked at, incredible!!

    • Oma and Ned Says:

      josephine’s bedroom was chosen for her. 🙂 (but it’s the sunniest room in the house, so she did pretty well for herself.) she’ll keep going to the same school, even though it’s a bit further away.