gigi and papa come to visit, a post by joey

gigi and papa’s visit. we went to visit our new house and we went for a walk. they gave me a cat in a case. the cat’s name is abby evita effigo. she’s white. she makes me happy.

this is a picture of me and gigi at our house. we were having dinner with our family. i forgot who came.IMG_9430 (800x533)

i’m swinging on the swing. it’s great.IMG_9463 (800x533)

dada is swinging really high. i felt really scared. i said “get off right away, dada.”IMG_9469 (800x533)

i’m watching the popcorn. i’m covering my ears because it’s too loud. i like popcorn.IMG_9470 (533x800)

all there is is a boat in water. not very exciting, huh?IMG_9476 (800x533)

this is because i wanted more cats in the world. i wrote it at the museum.IMG_9480 (800x533)

we can see everyone’s faces and we’re standing behind a big red boat. it’s a picture of gigi and papa and me and mama and dada. i did not like taking this picture because it was so horrible. because we just had to stand and smile. nothing exciting happened.
IMG_9494 (800x533)

One Response to “gigi and papa come to visit, a post by joey”

  • meg Says:

    this is the best post ever. well done transcribing oma, and well done joey for your no-nonsense retelling of a weekend a few weeks ago!