lavender’s wedding

written by josephine, transcribed by teacher marion

This is a picture of Lavender in a pretty dress at her wedding. So, first, the guests came in and we hung a welcome sign on the door and then we went to a room and everybody started to dance and then I was the director. I said, “Wait a minute, guys. I gotta turn the music on!” And everybody freezed and kept freezing until I turned the music on and started dancing. Lavender and I were dancing (but we weren’t getting married — me and Jenny got married and I’m so excited to meet the baby kittens) and I said, “What pretty dancing, Lavender.” And then Lavender said, “I guess it’s time for circle. I’m so hungry. I guess it’s time for dinner.” And then the guests left.

IMG_0298 (533x800)

[that drawing of lavender didn’t photograph very well, so i’ll include a recent favorite cat-in-dress drawing.]

IMG_0305 (481x800)

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