nearly a week

:: i’m sitting at our kitchen table listening to the first rain we’ve had all week hit the roof of our house.  we can hear the rain here. we couldn’t hear it very well in the apartment, what with the roar of the highway a block away. but here it’s quiet and the rain is tapping.

:: we moved last sunday. i still haven’t found the table salt (we have kosher and fancy sea salt to get us through) or my hot chocolate.

:: josephine and i ate lunch the other day while watching birds in the back yard, identifying the ones we saw using a bird book a friend gave us.

:: our car got broken into on tuesday while josephine and i ran into the library for five minutes. they took my favorite handmade bag, our cell phone and our ipod, all of which i had foolishly left sitting out. it’s such a little thing, i told myself. of all that could go wrong, this is nothing. but there was a lot of glass in the front seat and now our shopping list is a little longer.

:: we had our dear friends and now neighbors over for dinner tonight. and friends from out of town were in seattle for the day and stopped by. sharing our new space with friends makes it feel a little more real.

:: josephine’s new room looks very similar to her old room. i think it will be fun to rearrange once we’re settled.

:: i have had many long thoughts about curtain logistics for all the windows.

:: josephine’s sassafras attitude has flared up and i’m going to blame it on transition and hope things get easier soon. she drives us nuts and we love her to pieces, equally, at the same time.

:: we have a garage now and, when it’s someday not full of boxes and a couch that’s really really heavy and is supposed to be moved inside, we’ll be able to park our car in it.

:: the shower backed up and we showered at our friends-now-neighbors’ house. other friends, our annual thanksgiving morning companions, talked us through a solution and now our shower drains like a champ.

:: my aunt and uncle sent us a box of kindling from their farm in minnesota. i put it in the fireplace and hope to put it to good use very soon.

:: i feel like i’m holding back from falling in love with this house just a little bit because it’s a bit nerve-wracking to own a home. it’s like falling for the reformed bad boy. at any moment he could turn bad again: the shower could back up or you could discover a crack in the tiles or the garage could flood or or or. despite it all, i’m pretty smitten with this place.

:: it’s raining harder now and i put flannel sheets on our bed today. it’s supposed to get cold this week. i feel so grateful that we’re warm in our home.


packing discoveries:

IMG_0196 (800x533)

the last meal in the apartment:

IMG_0461 (533x800)

the first meal in the new house (and some thanksgiving brainstorming):

IMG_0467 (533x800)

pool time:

IMG_0473 (533x800)

work time:

IMG_0474 (533x800)

new neighbors introduced themselves, invited us over for dinner and sent us home with the leftovers:

IMG_0482 (800x533)

tackling the leaves:
IMG_0490 (800x533)

letting us do the raking:

IMG_0496 (533x800)

trying to get internet up and running:

IMG_0511 (800x533)

3 Responses to “nearly a week”

  • grandma susan Says:

    i love the way you document your feelings and thoughts about your move, dear heart. i love that you are in a little cozy home. xoxm.

  • Carrie Says:

    oh, i love your cozy new home. love the flannel sheets. love your holding back feelings (i was the same way… but despite the what ifs, it’s now HOME which is amazing). can’t wait to come by. and hang in there with jo. sometimes i feel like sydney is an alien from a really strange, potentially destructive and violent planet. and then she’s a little fawn wanting to snuggle her mama doe deer. the extremes of life with a 4 year old are pretty intense.

  • Polly Says:

    I prefer to think of my 100-and-then-some year old house as a charming elderly relative. Sure, they don’t use email or cell phones or other modern conveniences, but they have great stories, and old funny slang and can teach you how to sew a button.
    Ok, my house is not sewing a button but you get my metaphor. Hope you are still enjoying your lovely new place, however you may think of it.