report from the money pit

:: our washing machine broke. it wouldn’t spin the clothes dry. repair man said it would cost $1,000 to fix. we bought a new washer and eagerly anticipate its arrival.

:: the bathroom faucet was dripping. ned fixed it.

:: we came home from minnesota to a very cold house and spent a very chilly night under lots of blankets. happy new year!  apparently the furnace is having some issues that baffle even the 26-years-in-the-business furnace guy. he’s been here twice and it’s still acting up. it works and then it doesn’t and then we hit the reset button and then it works again. for a while. we’re hoping it magically fixes itself.

:: the garage door opener’s gear is stripped and the door no longer opens and closes at the touch of a button. parts are being located and, thanks to youtube, hopefully installed correctly.

:: there’s a new, ominous creak when we step on a certain part of the bathroom floor. ignoring it (but still imagining the bathtub falling through the floor).

:: the tub faucet is leaking. ned is in denial but i’ve seen evidence.

three cheers for homeownership?

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