warm and happy, whatever the weather

it’s a doozy of a day for most of the country. for those who choose not to live in moderate, mild seattle, that is. we are grateful we escaped minnesota before the really frigid air hit (and we thought the day when the high was 3 degrees was cold!). ned and i had a great trip; i got to sleep in, he got to spend quality morning time with his daughter, we both ate lots of cookies and lots of good non-cookies food, and laughed with family and friends. if i had to guess, however, i would say josephine had a wonderfuller trip (as she’d say). she played in the snow, was doted on by many relatives, got to be the older cousin to adorable rowan, had a visit from santa, and ate a lot of turkey and chicken (our little vegetarian!).  and a lot of cookies. that was a highlight for her, too. a lot of christmas dreams came true on that trip. we’re grateful.

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