holiday photo album

here are some shots from our trip to minnesota.  josephine spent much time meeting and being adored by many friends and family:


with great aunt nancy

reading with grandpa

reading with grandpa

with anna

with anna

with madison and morgan (who are showing off their pouty faces to match josephine's)

with madison and morgan (who are showing off their pouty faces to match josephine's)

with william, who loved giving kisses

with william, who loved giving kisses

with uncle charley and grandma

with uncle charley and grandma

during our time there, josephine made some developmental advances.  she started watching her hands:


and perfected her raspberry:


she also learned to make buns:


(oh, wait, that was her auntie who had that lesson.)

josephine met the oldest person she’s met yet; our family’s 93-year-old friend jean.  jean loved josephine’s little feet and josephine liked jean’s hands.


josephine also enjoyed her first christmas.


wearing her stocking. (because she's the best present of all. awww.)


in true minnesota style, she wore a lovely christmas sweater, a goodwill find from grandma

ned and i got her very few gifts (we figured we should take advantage of her total lack of awareness of the whole gift thing) but somehow she managed to come home with a suitcase full of fun new toys and clothes.  and outlet protectors.

despite the cold, we did get out of the house a few times.  we visited the above-mentioned friends and family.  we took some walks:


during an afternoon in the twin cities, we visited the state capitol:


and, during a family afternoon of holiday fun, we visited the world’s largest boot.  i know, i know.  you’re jealous.

with auntie maeta at the world's largest boot



3 Responses to “holiday photo album”

  • Meg Says:

    Oh!!! I SOOOO wish I could have come up to meet little Josephine! What a sweetheart! I will have to admire her from afar. She is so beautiful. I think you’re really smart about the whole present thing. I think we regifted presents to Grace on her first Christmas, and she was none the wiser. In fact, an empty box provided more excitement for her than anything else! Go figure. I hope you had a safe trip back to Seattle. Maybe we can get to Minn. the next time you come home …

  • Jann Hurley Says:

    Oh-h-h, I absolutely love all the family Christmas pictures! It looks like you all had a great time. It’s hard being so far away from your grandbaby.

  • Jackie Says:

    I’m glad I finally found your website. I love all the pictures of our Great Granddaughter!