our favorite kid of the week

josephine was kid of the week at her school this week. we made a poster together that had a few photos on it but the main features were josephine’s drawings of some of her favorite things like cats, reading laura books, playing with friends, eating pesto pasta and, apparently, polka dots.

ned and i attended her kid of the week circle, a special time where all the other kids had to sit quietly and listen to josephine go on and on and on about me me me. then they asked her questions about more of her favorite things. we all learned she doesn’t have a favorite dinosaur, a favorite tractor or a favorite sport, but she does like the letter J and pink.

(that funny expression is when she’s looking to me for some clarity on exactly how old she was in one of the pictures.)

i love seeing her grinning and glad at school, basking in her classmates’ attention and appreciations. it’s a good place for her.

IMG_1526 (800x533)

IMG_1533 (800x533)

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