although the title of this post suggests that it could be about the bottom of our garage door, it’s actually a post about kimchi.  ned and i love kimchi but the good stuff — without a lot of tiny shrimp or artificial whatevers — is a little bit of a pricey indulgence. so when i saw a recipe for kimchi ramen that linked to a recipe for homemade kimchi, i was game. we had to hunt down the specific kind of pepper flakes required as the largest asian grocery store in seattle was mysteriously out of stock of all sizes and brands of korean coarse red pepper. once the red pepper was located, we got to fermenting. while i’m usually a fan of proper refrigeration, i have to say that cabbage that’s grown funky on the counter for three days is delicious. and it’s fantastic in this soup.

(disclaimer: josephine’s soup, while clearly delicious, contained no kimchi as she’s quite spice averse.)

IMG_1520 (533x800)

IMG_1542 (800x533)

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  • Polly Says:

    Oooh, I’m impressed. I’ve tried to make kim chi before and it just hasn’t turned out right. Maybe you’ll want to share your red pepper secret source!