ready for anything

ned is currently attempting to snake the bathtub drain in order to make it, you know, drain. josephine is fascinated. after watching for a while, she runs into her room, rustles around a bit, and then comes back out.

“ok,” she says, “i’m all ready! i’ve got my protection clothes on!”

IMG_1670 (800x533)

IMG_1672 (800x533)

IMG_1676 (533x800)

IMG_1678 (800x533)

if you would like your own protection clothes, here’s what you need:

a plastic donut attached to your forehead with an elastic strap (aka: headlamp)
a surgical hairnet
hand protector: a small purse usually used for carrying stuffed animals
hand protector: a small bucket
some necklaces to hang off the small purse, because fashion
a rainbow tie-dye shirt doesn’t hurt.

**breaking news: i think josephine might have just learned and used her first swear word!**

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