new things

one of the nicest things about moving into our house in november is that the yard is just now revealing what it contains. (these fun discoveries help mitigate the other surprises that have come with spring weather, like the fact that the crawl space fills up with water after days of heavy rain.  ahem.) we have grand plans to do a big mapping project of the yard and its contents with josephine but for now it’s fun to poke around in the greenery and see what’s blooming and budding.

IMG_2192 (800x533)

i hope this huge bush is a camellia:

IMG_2196 (800x533)

IMG_2199 (533x800)

and i hope the bushes all along one side of the yard turn out to be lilacs:

IMG_2202 (800x533)

IMG_2203 (800x533)

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