a sorry little excuse for a post

i’m behind, yet again. and it’s time to go get josephine from school and shuttle her to gymnastics class. more soon.

here in meadowbrook, we’re sticking our noses out of our hibernation cave, seeing that spring might be on its way, and getting ready to emerge and blink our eyes in the bright light. almost.

as we wait for the sun, here are a few things we’ve done.

attend a UW gymnastics meet:
IMG_2538 (800x600)

sort/cull toys:
IMG_2221 (800x533)

IMG_2222 (800x533)move the play kitchen to the real kitchen to see if it gets more play time (not so far):

IMG_2229 (800x533)

IMG_2234 (800x533)

take baths in the sink when the bath tub is plugged:

IMG_2241 (800x533)

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