yard update


IMG_2513 (533x800)


IMG_2521 (800x533)

plus! bonus! trillium!

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IMG_2517 (533x800)

and two adorable girls chalking up the patio!

IMG_2507 (800x533)

i’m loving watching flowers emerge in the back yard and seeing surprises reveal themselves. i am struck again and again by the fact that this is what we get to look forward to each year now; this is what will herald spring for us now. first, the crocuses, then the grape hyacinths, then the first buds on the camellia. this year, it’s all new. next year it will feel more familiar and then it will become expected and welcome. we’ll get used to what is now novel: opening the back door and sitting on the back steps in the sunshine, listening to birds celebrate spring. it will be home.

One Response to “yard update”

  • grandma susan Says:

    another happy tear making blog note, oma. it is home. your photos and words make it real for us away. yea for blooming flowers and chalk.