adding on

this is happening:

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when we told josephine the news, i thought she already knew it. she’d made comments over the last few months about having a baby in the family and had even casually referred to the baby in my belly. we were lying in our bed and she was between us; it’s her habit to join us in bed on the weekends once the clock says 7. i told her we had some big news to tell her and her eyes lit up. i told her she could guess and i said, “we’re going to have…” and she said, “ice cream!” and i said, “no… we’re going to have… ” and she said, “a party!” and then i said, “we’re going to have a baby. you’re going to be a big sister!” and her eyes grew wide and she said, “are you kidding me? for real life? really!?” and i said, “yes, for real life,” and she laughed and laughed and laughed. it was fantastic.


she comes up to me and gives my mid-section hugs, whispering to the little being in there that she loves it already. she has big plans for this little brother/sister. big plans. they’re going to share a room and she’s going to teach him/her everything she knows.


i wonder if i would have gotten pregnant if we were still living in our little apartment.  i’m not sure my body would have let it happen.


i’m due september 24th. unless this baby is over a week late, all four of our birthdays and ned’s and my anniversary will be within a month of each other. and if the baby’s born a few days early, we’ll all be virgos.


josephine suggests the name kella for a girl and bidge for a boy. ned and i have longer lists (that don’t include either of those names. don’t tell josephine.)


the 20-week ultrasound is on wednesday and we don’t yet know if we are going to find out the sex of the baby. josephine wants to, i could go either way but would prefer not to, and ned doesn’t want to. i am guessing we’ll have the tech write it down and seal it in an envelope and torture ourselves with it for a while.


a few days after we told her the news, josephine gave me a hug and said quietly in my ear, “i’m so glad you let dada do this to you.”


4 Responses to “adding on”

  • meg Says:

    so, this post made me cry when i was lying awake in the middle of the night. i love everything about it. love love love love love. is that too effusive?

  • oma Says:

    nope, not at all. i like that we made each other cry with baby-related blog posts. 🙂

  • Christina Says:

    Love that we will have another cousin! Beautiful!

  • auntie mae Says:

    this was a perfect blog post, oma. i teared up, too. could not be more happy 🙂

    i also LOL’d with the last line. ha!