three sticks of butter

[mmm, butter.]

it was ultrasound day today, treated around here like a national holiday and celebrated afterwards with bakery goodies. josephine has been quite excited to see her baby brother/sister, but about five minutes in she announced, loudly, “this is boring!” ned and i didn’t think so. it’s a joy to see all those tiny baby parts coalesce into a whole being and to *see* the movements that we’ve been feeling. we are delighted to report that everything looks proportional, healthy and, most excitingly, unremarkable. just the way we like our babies.

josephine was really rooting for finding out the sex and ned and i would be happy to wait, so we compromised by having the tech look and write down the verdict. any bets as to how long that sealed envelope will stay sealed?

the baby weighs 12 ounces, so there’s lots of growing to do in the next 20 weeks. i’m happy to help any way i can. seconds on dinner? elevenses? more ice cream with rhubarb sauce? if i must.

IMG_2965 (800x533)

IMG7 (735x534)

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2 Responses to “three sticks of butter”

  • Allison Says:

    That kid has a serious spine! And very defined leg bones. I think those are compliments? And, as someone who would never be able to keep an envelope like that unopened, I hope that you will share the news when you find out!

  • Christina Says:

    Yay! For a healthy babe!