housing for our fairy friends

one evening, a few weeks ago, josephine decided to make a house for fairies. she worked on it with great concentration for nearly an hour and was so proud of her finished product. she put the house and a welcome note under a special tree in our yard and made a trail to it with rose petals. i told her the fairies might leave her something if they came and slept there, and then i promptly forgot about it. until we were all awake at 4:30 the next morning, thanks to some middle-of-the-night need of josephine’s or another. “damn!” i said into the darkness once everyone was tucked back in. “what?” ned mumbled. “i forgot to put something out in the fairy house for josephine.” we brainstormed some ridiculous ideas (a cracker in a jar?) and settled on a button and a little note. i found the button and wrote the note and ned tiptoed out into the yard to leave it in the house. we climbed back into bed feeling like excellent, fun parents.

and now we regret it, just a little. josephine was THRILLED to discover that the fairies had left her something. she ran through the house yelling in such an unrestrained and wild way that ned thought that perhaps she was terrified and hysterical instead of overjoyed. she made improvements to the fairy house and waited for another treat from the fairies. then she built another, much more elaborate house (complete with a bath with soap sop) with the help of a friend and waited for treats to appear there. and now there’s a third house in the yard ready to host some generous fairies. i heard her telling her friend that she hopes the fairies will leave her a note asking her to return all the treats she’s been given (several buttons, a string of beads, stickers, some notes on fancy paper) and then they’ll give her a stuffed unicorn in exchange. sigh.

how far do we take this? anyone have any good ideas for treats that a fairy might leave?

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4 Responses to “housing for our fairy friends”

  • erika Says:

    is it possible for the fairies to leave one more little gift (or not) with a note that said it’s time to move on to another small child’s yard and thank you for taking such good care of us? you’re a friend of the fairies forever? or…something?

  • erika Says:

    also, i’m so impressed she gets to use markers. markers are the devil’s spawn in our house as they end up writing on every single surface ever. they’ve been banned except under strict supervision.

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    i like the moved on idea. she’s just so gosh-darn excited about their “existence.”

    josephine is very law-abiding, as far as markers go. (and most other things.) our next child, i’m sure, will be a total outlaw.

  • Carrie Says:

    yes, be assured, the next child will be a total outlaw. total. outlaw.

    but on to more important things~ another option is to say that the fairies were there to usher in spring to summer and now that it is summer they’ve gone on to *somewhere* to prepare to usher in fall. that way you may have to leave some trinkets again, but it will only be during the changing of the seasons. you could then still surprise her with a present for some spectacular bloom, if it comes up, but she won’t be waiting daily. just seasonally! 🙂