one year ago today

one year ago, we woke up early to go snowshoeing with friends.  before gathering winter clothes and snowshoes, though, i decided it was time to take a pregnancy test and hopefully confirm what i was starting to suspect.


we turned to each other, our mouths suddenly slack.  slowly, we started laughing in disbelief and hugged each other.  then, still not fully able to wrap our minds around the news, we got ready to go snowshoeing.

we didn’t tell our friends what we had learned that morning in the bathroom.  we kept the secret tucked away and, instead, while we tromped through a beautiful snowy day, we each thought about the tiny bundle of cells moving quietly in my body.

i’m not sure either of us could have imagined what this year would be like.  it is nothing short of a miracle that those cells grew into this perfect baby who sleeps with her hands held together and melts our hearts a million times a day.


One Response to “one year ago today”

  • wendy Says:

    We are so grateful that those little cells miraculously transformed and grew into sweet Josephine. Life is truly amazing.