the preschool graduate (round 1)

even though josephine has another year of preschool ahead of her, the preschool she’s been attending for the past two years is closing so all the kids, whether they’re going on to kindergarten or not, graduated. josephine was just a little bit thrilled about this rite of passage. there was a sweet ceremony on friday afternoon. each of the kids got a diploma and then they sang songs they’ve been practicing for weeks, including remakes of “we are the champions” and “we will rock you.” (we are the graduates, moms and dads, and we’ll keep on learning til the end. we are the graduates, we are the graduates… it’s time for cheering cause we are the graduates of stepping stone.)

IMG_3644 (533x800)

IMG_3633 (800x533)

IMG_3585 (800x533)

i can’t say enough about how much we’ve loved this school and how good the nurturing community has been for josephine. her time there has helped her learn and grow in ways i never would have been able to make happen on my own. i think there will be some benefits for her to being in a pre-k class next year and to have the practice adjusting to a new space and new kids before she makes the huge leap to kindergarten, but i’m going to have to try my hardest not to cry on her last day on tuesday.

IMG_3587 (800x533)

IMG_3589 (800x533)

IMG_3592 (800x533)

(after graduation, josephine stole my camera and took artful photos of the playground mosaics.)

IMG_3659 (800x533)

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