ned, tree-chopper and rat-finder

if you had told us a year ago that by june of 2014 we’d own a home and be expecting our second child, we would have thought that sounded pretty great and would have felt pretty impressed with our future selves. if you had told us that with said home ownership would come chopping down holly trees that litter the yard with spiky leaves and spread their pervasive holly-ness everywhere, we might have felt less enthused. and if you’d told us that home ownership would also involve seeking out the creature that must have died in order to make the house smell so terrible, we might have figured out a way to cling to our little apartment-dwelling lives a bit longer.

i make it sound like i had anything to do with tree-chopping and rodent searching. it was all ned. he’s incredible. i thought the tree removal would be a summer-long project. nope, he was done in a week and a half. he chopped down a tree taller than house nearly single-handedly and then rented an enormous truck, filled it with 700 pounds of holly branches, and brought it to the recycling station. farewell, holly.

IMG_3564 (800x533)

and the rodent? when ned came home from work on friday and told him that there was an awful smell in the living room (i may or may not have wrung my hands just a little), he was willing to face what i wasn’t: something had died and it needed to be found. he spent the entire morning of father’s day down in our disgusting crawl space, locating and removing a rat’s nest (and its deceased resident). i stayed inside with josephine, making lunch and yelling encouraging things in the direction of the crawl space entrance. i’m pretty certain that i’d be a rotten homeowner if left to my own devices.

for these and a million other reasons, i am so grateful i have ned.

3 Responses to “ned, tree-chopper and rat-finder”

  • Erika Says:

    Ned seriously rules.

  • Uncle Larry Says:

    I was most impressed by the size of the truck Ned filled with holly. And such a pretty color. Have you considered what you need to do to keep the holly from returning? You might want to check with a local gardening store for suggestions. As for the dead rat, where there is one rat (dead or alive), there will be others. Time to spread the good stuff. D-Con works for me. Home ownership–rather like having another child. Nancy and favorite uncle send our love.

  • oma Says:

    larry — thanks for the comment! we need to determine our holly mitigation strategy. right now, we’re in a debate about whether we leave the stump to become a bush or grind it down. as for the rats, there has already been more than one. we thought we’d set live traps and release them in the back yard. kidding! a friend’s dad told ned that d-con is going to be taken off the market, so stock up now.