separate but awesome

last week, i went to portland. by myself. i’ve taken one other solo trip since josephine’s been around and, while i love my child and my husband, it was quite nice to be elsewhere. you know what was on my packing list? nothing that wasn’t mine! i took the train down — my first time doing that — and enjoyed the heck out of it all. i stayed with friends and we did not much of anything. just what i needed.

and then? when i came back? nobody was home! ned and josephine had gone on their own adventure: camping at mount rainier. they had a night on their own and then a night of shared camping with josephine’s BFF meera and her parents. and i had a night home alone. i watched a movie while eating a giant kale salad that i balanced on my belly (not all that virtuous — i was trying to balance out my portland diet). and i’m pretty sure i smiled a lot for no reason. and the next day, after a long, quiet day home alone, i was extremely pleased to be handed a sound-asleep josephine who smelled like camp fire and proceeded to sleep on my lap for an hour.

i think we all felt the beauty of both the time away and the comfort of being back together again.

(i’ll let you guess which pictures are from where.)

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3 Responses to “separate but awesome”

  • Larry Says:

    In Minnesota–we have cities you are allowed to travel to in order to escape your family obligations; we can suggest rivers, bluffs, trees, goats, chickens, and the occasional picnic table to photograph; and if you were to find yourself friendless in Minnesota, we know people who would be willing to be hospitable for the occasional side trip (they price their time accordingly). And up here in God’s Country, you can find real food to eat. Delicacies for carnivores. One more book recommendation from the Minnesota author Sarah Stonich–Vacationland–a terrific read, in paperback. Again, love from us on the farm.

  • oma Says:

    you make a compelling argument for minnesota. and i suppose you mean moving there. for the moment, life choices; financial obligations; and water, mountains and cool(ish) weather keep us here. minnesota was at the top of the list for summer travels, but plane tickets were just not cooperating. and i think i’d be disowned if i arrived solo without a small child in tow.

    i’m putting vacationland on my hold list at the library immediately. more recommendations, please!

  • erika Says:

    Oma–someday we’ll move back at the same time. and raise our kids together. and read books together (even though all i seem to read now are pretty ridiculous mystery/romance novels as my brain won’t allow me to comprehend much more). and you could take zillions of photos of our kids becoming super best friends as they were meant to be. i’m so happy you got time of your own. it’s so delicious, isn’t it? and it does help us love the ones who usually take up all our time. ah, marvelous. love you!