word of the day

[at a grocery store, heading into the women’s room]

josephine: so that’s the men’s room and this is the women’s room?

me: that’s right.

josephine: what happens if you go into the wrong bathroom? is there an unrewardable thing someone has to do if they go in the wrong one?

2 Responses to “word of the day”

  • Larry Says:

    Oma, if you were to read one more novel in your life, make it The Temporary Gentleman by Sebastian Barry. Style and story–absolutely magnificent. And I can recommend all of his five other published novels, especially A Long Long Way. I trust you and yours are doing well. Love from both of us on the farm. Larry.

  • oma Says:

    keep the recommendations coming! i just finished _vacationland_ and loved it. it reminded me of _driftless_, which you also recommended and is one of my favorites. i’m grateful you do so much reading for me. 🙂 i’m putting the temporary gentleman on my library list.