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(yes, i also wonder where the newborn and three months photos are.  doh.)

(yes, i also wonder where the newborn and three months photos are. doh.)

the kid’s four months old now.  for the last few days i’ve had “one-third of a year” running through my head over and over again.  how could she be one-third of a year old already?

we had our parent group tonight and even though all the babies are within a month of each other in age, they’re all doing such different things.  the one boy in the group is the oldest, two weeks older than josephine, and he’s chewing on his toes.  it’s so adorable i can hardly stop myself from chewing on him when he does it.  another girl, younger than josephine, is flipping back and forth from side to side at a rapid-fire pace.  we were all rooting for her to roll over.  another baby just watched the rolling and toe-eating peacefully, not really interested in getting on the floor and exploring her body’s abilities this evening.

and then there’s this baby of ours.  she has been growling lately.  instead of her little clear voice, she growls like a little bear cub.  she can growl quite loudly and sometimes she manages to get a dual-toned growl going.  she thinks it’s funny when we growl back and we’ve had long, rumbling conversations about finding berries in the woods and sleeping through winter.




rockin' the bubble soul patch

she has forgotten how to roll over.  she did it consistently for two days and now hasn’t done it for another two.  now when she’s on her tummy, she furrows her brow, sticks out her tongue a few times, drools and then gets mad, having lost the ability to get herself back onto her back where she’s more comfortable.  i can’t say the slight regression bothers me.  i’m in no rush to have a mobile baby.  especially as i look around our small apartment packed with all sorts of baby hazards…




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  • Meg Says:

    Oh my goodness! What a sweetie! She has gotten so big! How did that happen so fast? 🙂 I love the growling. 🙂 Perhaps she’ll come upon Goldilocks one day … 🙂