how to camp when you’re 31 weeks pregnant

1. go to a pretty place (for us, idaho, just south of coeur d’alene).

2. meet good friends (for us, allison, matt, jesse and eli. we’ve missed them.)

3. bring cookies and s’mores.

4. bring your enormous pregnancy pillow and take up half the tent with your sleep-throne.

5. let your husband do all the work and all the driving.

6. take lots of pictures.

IMG_4257 (533x800)

IMG_4260 (800x533)

IMG_4261 (800x533)

IMG_4262 (800x533)

IMG_4265 (800x533)

IMG_4269 (533x800)

IMG_4281 (800x442)

IMG_4293 (800x533)

IMG_4311 (800x533)

IMG_4316 (800x533)

IMG_4323 (800x533)

IMG_4333 (533x800)

IMG_4346 (800x533)

IMG_4350 (800x533)

IMG_4359 (800x533)

IMG_4361 (800x533)

IMG_4396 (800x533)

IMG_4441 (800x533)

IMG_4455 (800x533)

IMG_4462 (800x533)

IMG_4471 (800x533)

[how not to camp: let your child (over)hydrate with coconut water, thus ensuring that “quiet time” will be spent walking her back and forth to the campground bathrooms every 15 minutes. and suspect that your camping neighbors think its YOU who need the bathroom so frequently.]

3 Responses to “how to camp when you’re 31 weeks pregnant”

  • Allison Says:

    The perks of having you has a friend:
    1) delicious cookies
    2) research on nice state parks to visit
    3) beautiful pictures of weekend, family and friends

    (There are lots of other perks too, but those are freshest in my mind)

  • Aunt Jann Says:

    What a beautiful little group of children. Can’t wait to see the 4th blond child join them. (-; How to wonderful to have such great friends!

  • Larry Says:

    All of those blond children–are you certain those photos were not taken back here in Scandanavian country? I can see why you are in love with the area. Two more book recommendations, both historical fiction. The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth. I am not sure why I put it off for so long for it is a great read. And my newest find is a Finnish novelist–Sofi Oksanen, author of Purge. I quote the blurb: “From a major new literary voice, a haunting portrait of two generations of women, the ghosts of Estonia’s Soviet occupation, and the cruel realities of contemporary Europe.” I think you will love this book. What are your recommendations? I am always looking for a good read. Love from Featherstone Township, Larry.