other august events

briefly: other things we’ve done this summer, in order to document them before blogging is made more difficult by the presence of a wee little one.

we went to see the horse show, for the fourth? maybe? year in a row. we took our friends along and they were brave enough to hose down a horse. josephine was happy to watch.

IMG_4760 (800x533)we visited josephine’s great-great-aunt marie-louise.

IMG_4765 (800x533)

josephine got a two-wheeler! she likes to ride it with her tail tucked in so it doesn’t get caught in the wheels. and she likes to ride it veeerrrry sloooowwwly. but she’s working on getting faster. and keeping it moving forward.

IMG_4981 (800x533)

we went blueberry picking and (accidentally) picked 28 pounds of berries.

IMG_4985 (533x800)

IMG_4991 (800x533)

and my dad came to visit! we were his first stop on a great northwest road trip. he and josephine had so much fun together. we went for a walk (that i quit half-way through), gorged on an indian lunch buffet, went to the science center for fun with our mirror friends and an IMAX movie about lemurs, got ice cream, and had a concert wherein cats played a drum and josephine strummed the ukelele so vigorously she got a blister on her thumb. she cried when grandpa said goodbye and drove away. we didn’t get to go to minnesota this year, which was quite sad for me. but i’m grateful that we’ll have seen or will get to see most of my family out here.

IMG_5003 (800x533)

IMG_5019 (533x800)

IMG_5025 (800x533)

IMG_5028 (533x800)

IMG_5030 (533x800)

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