and waaaay back in july…

i just discovered some photos i never posted. they’re too sweet not to.

josephine and lilly, halfway through a picnic dinner.

IMG_3957 (800x533)

our cali friends sophie and eli and josephine/jaguar:

IMG_4151 (800x533)

summer naps are the best:

IMG_4156 (800x533)

josephine was obsessed with winnie the pooh stories this summer. she listened to the audio books and could quote them with an english accent, which delighted me to no end. one day, she decided she wanted to make a piglet so she drew the shape on felt, cut it out, sewed it (with someĀ help re-threading the needle) and then stuffed it and decorated it. i was impressed with what a good likeness she created.

IMG_4162 (533x800)


ned and i had a date night at our favorite pizza place:

IMG_4169 (800x533)

we baked with meera:

IMG_4252 (800x533)

while ned went backpacking for a weekend with jason, josephine and i spent the day on whidbey island with the rest of the jason-sara gang. it was delightful.

IMG_4671 (800x533)

IMG_4696 (533x800)

IMG_4715 (800x533)

IMG_4736 (800x533)

IMG_4740 (800x533)

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