a big week

tonight’s dinner was the first one of the week that did not involve josephine weeping. it’s been quite a week. she started pre-k at a new school on wednesday, it was her FIFTH BIRTHDAY today and her party is on sunday. she realized early this week that her little sister could arrive at any moment and mess it all up. she wept at dinner one night about about the “horrid baby” and how if the baby comes during her birthday party it will be terrible because then she, josephine, would be in charge of everyone at the party. then she wept at dinner another night because it was ned’s and my anniversary and we had foolishly thought she’d enjoy seeing a video of our wedding. well, it turns out that celebrating our anniversary excludes her because it’s not her celebration. then she wept another night because i joked that she could tell me happy birthday on her birthday because i gave birth to her. she didn’t want to share the day.

i don’t suppose my (secret birthday) wish that whining and ridiculous logic will cease at the age of five will come true…

tonight, no tears. we went out for pho — vietnamese noodle soup — and she had a great time. and even though there were many whiny moments today and some disgruntled stories about her new school, she said at the end of the evening that she had a great birthday. and, unless something super-dramatic happens in the next 2.5 hours, it’s a birthday she won’t have to share with anyone else in the family.

first day of school:

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One Response to “a big week”

  • Allison Says:

    Awww, so many growing moments (for both Joey and your belly). At least she’s processing stuff now — maybe that will help ease the shock for when baby actually comes.