little bear

in case you were curious as to what a four-month-old growling girl sounds like, here’s a sampling.  (i especially like the little paw wave she does at the end.)  she’s quite the expressive little thing, huh?

last night, each time she woke up, she did so with a big, jovial growl.

4 Responses to “little bear”

  • Christina Says:

    this is annie saying that josephine is sooo cute! this is lolly saying that is sooo cute and funny!

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i have played this over and over. thank you so much for having this posted. i love that she is waving to grandma! makes me cry.

  • Christina Says:

    this is greg …
    I love Josephine and all but what happened to all the cool pictures of food…

  • oma Says:

    oh, greg. you’re so funny. i haven’t taken a picture of food in, oh, about four months. i should start again. tell your brother to cook something photo-worthy and i’ll snap some shots.