the fading cheeks

i took these photos a week ago when tilly was three days old. already those massively beautiful cheeks have thinned out. i wonder if they’ll come back as she regains weight. either way, i’m glad i captured them.

at the end of the post is a photo of one-day-old josephine. i think tilly is joey plus cheeks.

IMG_6228 (800x533)

IMG_6221 (800x533)

IMG_6185 (800x533)

IMG_6127 (800x533)

IMG_6191 (800x533)

josephine:josephine mae 9-5-09

2 Responses to “the fading cheeks”

  • auntie mae Says:

    Aha! Here’s that side-by-side I’ve been craving! You and Ned make beautiful babies, my dear sister! They really are quite similar! Love you 4. Xoxo.

  • Larry Says:

    Ah Ned–and how is that working out for you living with those three strong willed women–soon to be four strong willed women? Are you getting enough sleep? The right kinds of nourishment? Taking care of the household chores? Are the dishes piling up? When is the last time you went to a movie? Took a long walk, read a compelling novel, watched your Seahawks for longer than five minutes? Are you looking forward to getting back to work? Standing in the shower for longer than three minutes? I imagine yard work looks more and more appealing, the smell of leaves and grass clippings replacing the smells of the laundry room. Don’t worry, I managed to convince UPS that the kittens I sent to Joey and Tilly should survive the plane trip. The smell of kitty litter? Just think of it as perfume. The sex of the new pets? Female. But no matter how tired you get, relish these days and nights, they come around only once in a man’s life if he be fortunate. P.S. Muffy and Fluffy require separate litter boxes.