matilda had her two-week check-up on thursday and she’s back up to her birth weight, which is good news. and also quite gratifying for me personally, as i’ve been the one tanking her up day and night. while she’s been fueled by me, i’ve been fueled by the food made for us by lots of wonderful friends. we’ve enjoyed multiple delicious soups, lots of salads and breads, a smorgasbord of delicacies from the local coop, ratatouille, broccoli pasta, couscous paella, an indian feast, and my friend anne has been keeping me in spinach quiche. we had a dinner of random fridge leftovers the other night and counted nine different dishes on our plates.

i pointed out to ned the other day that we haven’t begun bakery tour 2014. ned invented bakery tour back when josephine was born as a motivator to get me out of the house (the man knows me well). but, as ned responded to me the other day, we haven’t needed to leave the house for a bakery tour because the bakery has come to us. in the past two weeks, we’ve plowed through four kinds of chocolate chip cookies, two boxes of local mini donuts, an apple cake, two loaves of zucchini bread, some zucchini muffins and a box of chocolates. there’s a pound cake waiting for later in the freezer. (we apparently have some limits to our gluttony.) needless to say, it’s been a very tasty two weeks. we are lucky, lucky people.

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