hangin’ with the boys

josephine and i went on a date this morning with our friend anya and her son desmond and our friend polly and her son brixton and daughter unity.  josephine, dez, and brixton were born within two months of each other and unity is almost three.  anya and i drove together to the coffee shop where we met polly and we laughed at how funny we felt when we got out of the car — a little parade of two.   moms lugging diaper bags and car seats with actual, real live babies inside.  it’s still very surreal sometimes, especially when i’m acting as a mom in public.

we were at a very kid-friendly coffee shop.  we moms sat on a couch, bouncing babies on our knees, and watched unity skip around from train set to kitchen set.  we accepted delicious (plastic) food from her — vanilla ice cream that looked suspiciously like chocolate and that she warmed up in the oven so it would taste better and a slice of cake that i was supposed to take a bite of then share with everyone else.  polly told us that unity is dressing herself now and we praised her bright pink pants, white shirt and light pink summer romper.  later, unity asked us proudly, “do you like my ridiculous outfit?”  it stuns me to imagine josephine like this in a few years — imaginative and chatty, independent and hilarious.

i remembered to bring my camera, but forgot to charge the battery, so no photos of the gathering.  (or of the bagel and egg sandwich i ate, greg.)  here are a few photos of desmond and josephine i took a few weeks ago, though, so you can just imagine the enormous amount of cute on that couch today.



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