pumpkin patch

because she’s an ambitious baby, perhaps too much so, matilda has already chaperoned her first preschool field trip. last week, we went along as josephine’s school visited a pumpkin patch. i would not have attempted this had my mom not been in town (more on that soon) and willing to embark on this potentially foolish outing. on the drive there, we considered just stopping at the first pumpkin patch we saw and telling josephine that we weren’t sure where the rest of her class was, but we persevered and kept driving. we didn’t provide a bit of chaperone help to anyone but our own two small charges and we all arrived home exhausted. but we did it: a pumpkin patch field trip at three weeks old!

matilda got to dress up:

IMG_6532 (533x800)

josephine got a pumpkin:


IMG_6539 (533x800)

IMG_6550 (800x533)

IMG_6560 (800x524)

nobody got lost forever in the maze:

IMG_6561 (800x533)

matilda did not agree that lying in a pile of squash was a good idea:

IMG_6584 (800x533)

however, she got to practice her fantastic pout:

IMG_6587 (800x533)

and was much more content after lunch in the car:

IMG_6603 (800x533)

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