links, from me to you

i’ve been spending a fair amount of time sitting and nursing and reading articles on my phone and listening to podcasts. here’s what i’ve enjoyed lately…

an article by the author of waiting for birdy about kids growing up.

why cooking sucks.

breakfast around the world.

a blog with short essays about motherhood.

a new podcast from the folks at “this american life”. (start with episode 1.)

this SNL parody makes me laugh every time i watch it. thanks, mom.

what else should i watch/read/listen to?

2 Responses to “links, from me to you”

  • Erika Says:

    The web series Classic Alice is pretty captivating. If you need dry, rambling conversations about various snack foods, the podcast Mike and Tom Eat Snacks is fabulous and is hosted by Michael Ian Black & Tom Cavanaugh. I just started reading The Paying Guests and I’m already hooked. And when in doubt, clips of celebrities doing weird things on the Jimmy Fallon show is always a go-to. I just watched Ewan McGregor play charades and it made my night. ????

  • Eleanor Says:

    I encourage you to search on YouTube for Mysteries of the Driftless….our homeland