ned went back to work after his paternity leave was over, i tried to swallow my panic at being alone with the girls for a day, then it was the weekend and then my mom arrived to take care of us/snuggle the baby/entertain josephine/install fairy houses/plant garlic/generally be awesome. because she was here, tilly enjoyed her first field trip, her first concert, her first meal at a restaurant and her first time watching josephine at gymnastics. and we all enjoyed grandma’s special brand of care. and her cookies. and pumpkin pie. and hugs… grandma, come back!

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5 Responses to “grandma!”

  • Erika Says:

    That pic of your mama & the girls made my heart do a happy jig!!

  • auntie mae Says:


    i hav a lot to live up to! i better start planning… 😉

  • Christina Says:


  • Aunt Jann Says:

    What fun!! Your Mom is awesome. These are great pictures. Can’t wait to see Joey again and to meet little Tilly.

  • Featherstone Says:

    Oma–what to watch? Words and Pictures, a beautiful movie. What to read? Lila by Marilynne Robinson. Who to listen to? Any recording by Jane Monheit. And maybe Susan Kay aka Mom. Pictures of Tilly and Joey continue to warm the heart. Can’t wait for the introduction. Love from the farm.