track or treat

for some reason, despite the fact that we’ve corrected her many times, josephine calls it “track or treat.” we’ve stopped correcting her and just enjoy it. so. track or treating. josephine was a cat. she had decided weeks before halloween that she wanted to be a bat and i came up with a plan to make a simple but cool bat costume. however, the morning we were to go shopping for materials, she had no interest in leaving the house. she quickly decided she would reprise last year’s black cat costume so that we wouldn’t have to go anywhere. this was great for me, as i really didn’t have much energy for creativity. however, as a mildly crafty person, it was a little painful to send my child out track or treating as a barely-recognizable black cat. but she was so happy with her costume and excited to do her own face paint (and decided to paint her ears on her forehead rather than wearing felt ears on a head band). and so happiness ruled and track or treating (and dinner afterward) with meera the witch was a great success. (tilly, in another instance of very un-creative costumery, wore a pumpkin onesie and was — you guessed it — a pumpkin. a very cute pumpkin.)

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4 Responses to “track or treat”

  • Allison Says:

    Congrats on letting Joey design her costume herself — I know that must have been hard. But she looked very cute, and like a cat to me.

    In related Halloween pronunciation news, Eli insists on saying that we “harved the pumpkin.” No idea why that one has stuck.

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    i should have been more clear: i LOVE that she did her own thing and was happy with it. cutest cat ever. 🙂 i love “harved.”

  • Allison Says:

    And I was projecting a bit — it would have been hard for me 🙂

  • Carrie Says:

    I love that she was so thrilled with herself. Way to allow for independence and creativity, Mom!